Recession is motivation for ‘Happy Hoppers’ to compare the market

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The meerkats have done a good job: a huge number of consumers are now ‘shop-hopping’ and comparing prices before making a purchase.

Compare the market when shoppingA whopping 87% of Brits have adopted this practice, with over a third (39%) visiting three or more stores before parting way with their hard-earned cash.

Research from cashback site Quidco found the recession has given rise to a generation of so-called ‘Happy Hoppers’ – or shoppers who dip in and out of various shops to compare prices before purchasing a product.

Around one in seven British shoppers take comparing the market to the next level by looking at pricing in five different shops before committing to a purchase.

Andy Oldham, Managing Director of Quidco said: "It is hardly surprising that the persistently tough financial climate has led to a significant shift in consumer shopping habits.

“The happy hoppers identified in our research are a typical example of how Brits are adjusting their spending in line with the impact the recession is having on household budgets across the country.”

Those aged 18-24 are Britain’s most savvy shoppers, with almost half of 18-24 years old comparing the market by checking out three different stores before deciding where they will part with their money.

Some 25% of adults in this age bracket go one shop further, and check out prices in four before buying a product.

While women are happy to ‘shop hop’ and reap the money-saving rewards, around 12% of shopping-phobic men admit to never having shop-hopped or haggled to get a lower price.

Some 22% of men say they hate finding penny-wise ways to shop, whereas only 10% of women do not hop from shop to shop – reflecting that a budget-conscious Britain is becoming increasingly money-savvy.

Good work, Britain: you’ve done the meerkats proud.

Another way of making savings while on shopping trips is to take a prepaid card. Because money has to be loaded on beforehand, they prevent overspending and help Britons say on budget.


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