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Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

rationalfx prepaid card
The Rationalfx Travel Money Card which offers Prepaid Mastercards in Euros and US Dollars have been withdrawn from the market and the program is no longer issuing new cards. The withdrawal of this card (and the card cancellations) have been due entirely to factors beyond our control - as was explained in the letter sent to all cardholders. It is a matter between White Eagle (who manage the card program) and Newcastle Building Society.

Existing cards will be cancelled on 11th April 2011. A letter informing all cardholders was sent issuing the notice of cancellation on 11th February 2011 by White Eagle (Europe) Plc.
After speaking to RationalFX they stated they would like to apologise to it's customers that have signed up for a RationalTravelMoneyCard. We have a significant database of consumers using our travel money cards and using our foreign exchange service which has caused a major inconvenience again we can only apologize to all RationalTravelMoney cardholders who have been inconvenienced by this situation - it was entirey due to circumstances out of our control and in no way reflects on the RationalTravelMoneyCard and RationalFX.

Advice to Rational FX Card-holders

Our advice to Rational Travel Money Card holders is as follows;
Withdraw or spend all balances on your card by the end of March 2011.
If you have not used or activated your card, and you want to get your rebate of the cost charged when you signed up you will need to Activate the card and then follow instructions to add an amount to the card big enough to be withdrawn at an ATM - plus around 2 Euros or US Dollars to allow for any withdrawal fees. Or top it up the amount of a planned purchase . You must do so before end of March 2011.

Any significant balances will be refunded when the cards are cancelled in line with the card terms and conditions.
Any questions or problems?

For queries relating to existing balances and the card cancellations we advise that you call the following telephone numbers rather than the number issued by White Eagle - which appears to be incorrect. +44 (0) 1628 536888.Or you can always call RationalFX and ask for Customer Services on +44 (0)20 7220 8181.

If you have a Rationalfx travel money card or you are looking for an alternative consider the FairFX Anywhere Card as it is free to get. Click here for a Free FairFX travel money card


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