Prepaid MasterCard Exclusive Deal

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

An exclusive prepaid credit card deal has been launched in conjunction with Phones4U and Compare Prepaid. Find out how you can save money while you spend.

The offer on the Phones4U Escape Prepaid MasterCard means customers will get a free Companion Card, a SIM card with £10 credit and free international calls.

The international money transfer takes just 60 seconds and when card users top-up via text they can earn one percent cashback.

This deal is only available via the website, where consumers can investigate other prepaid card deals currently on the market.

MasterCard Prepaid Cards

MasterCard offers consumers three prepaid cards to choose from – there is one for everyday payments with the MasterCard Everyday Money and Maestro, a Prepaid Gift Card, and a Prepaid Travel Card.

When applying for a prepaid card some providers require you to produce proof of identity, but no credit card checks will be performed on your previous spending habits.

Make sure you investigate different prepaid cards and read all the terms and conditions so the one you opt for will aid your requirements. Some cards can be purchased online or a kiosk locations.

Budgeting with a Prepaid Card

If you are struggling with debt or would like to be able to save more of your disposable income for a rainy day then a prepaid card could help you budget.

Once a card user has made a budget of how much they require for their everyday expenses they can then load this onto the card to use to make these purchases.

This means the remaining money in the bank account remains untouched so the user can save it, or know at least their spending will not mean they end up in their overdraft unknowingly as the card does not allow the user to spend more than they loaded onto it.


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