Prepaid Debit Cards Help New Years’ Resolutions

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The nation is being urged to make saving a priority for the New Year to prepare for the future.

Fidelity Investment Managers found in a recent poll what the nation is currently saving for, with 52 percent saving for financial security, 30 percent for a special occasion, and 15 percent to provide for grandchildren.

A further 14 percent are saving the pennies to be able to retire early and almost one in 10 want to pay a large chunk of their mortgage.

Savers are urged to know exactly what they are saving for to be able to budget accordingly, as one in nine people said their financial situation is a priority next year with a particular aim to get to grips with their savings.

If you have a budget worked out for the New Year try loading it onto a prepaid debit card to prevent you from overspending.

“In the current climate it is more important than ever to move your financial resolutions up the priority list,” said Rob Fisher, FIM personal investments head, UK.

“It has been a tough financial year for many and we owe it to ourselves to keep as much of our hard earned money as we can.”

Save with a Prepaid Debit Card

Christmas may leave a big hole in your wallet and cause many to find they have no choice but to cut down on certain luxuries to prevent getting into debt.

If you also want to ensure you set aside some money for something you are saving for try using a prepaid card to help you manage your money.

A prepaid card can be used to make purchases but it does not allow you to spend more than you loaded onto it, so it is impossible to unknowingly spend over your budget.


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