Prepaid Credit Cards: Stay within Budget this Summer

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The cost of living is causing many Brits to worry about their finances this summer, so this article takes a look at how the consumer can take the stress out of budgeting.

A prepaid credit card can be used in a similar way as a normal credit or debit card, in that users can make purchases with it in retail shops, online, and to retrieve cash.

Even if a consumer has a bad credit rating, they will be able to receive a prepaid credit card as a person’s credit history is not even analysed.

These cards require the user to instead load the money they have onto the card, so when they spend using it, they are spending within their means and are not borrowing from an overdraft or leaving an outstanding balance on their credit card.

Take a look at these spending activities which can all be budgeted for with a prepaid credit card:

Food Shopping

If you have worked out you can only justify spending a certain amount on food each week, then you could load this money onto your prepaid credit card to use when you hit the supermarket.

Holiday Money

Going on holiday this summer? A prepaid travel card is the new way to carry your foreign currency abroad with you. It prevents the need for carrying cash on you, and you do not get charged per transaction unlike a credit or debit card.


When budgets are tight you often feel like you cannot afford to give yourself the odd treat, like a shopping trip or a meal out with your other half.

With a prepaid credit card you can load onto it the amount you have spare at the end of the month so you can use this, and no more than this, on the odd luxury.


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