Prepaid card answer to SA cash dilemma

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

As thousands of Britons prepare to head to South Africa for the World Cup, a warning has emerged about how much money they're allowed to take into the country.

The advice comes from Sainsbury's Finance, who point out that people travelling into or out of South Africa are only allowed to take 5,000 Rand with them – that's about £450.

However, to get around this problem, travellers could get a prepaid travel money card which would allow them to take up to 85,000 Rand into the country – that’s close to £7,000.

Sainsbury's research shows that thousands of Britons may need to consider travel money cards as they intend to take over the allowed amount. On average, they intend to take with them more than £650 (£665) in local currency.


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