Prepaid Cash Cards for Adult Children Returning Home

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Adult children are living at home for longer, a new poll has found, with many return home after meeting financial difficulties.

Many parents blame the recession for the growth in ‘Boomerang Offspring’, with 31 percent seeing their adult children move back in with them again after having previously left.

The Daily Telegraph website claims that Saga Home Insurance research shows that 10 percent of those surveyed admitted their children were unable to cope financially and 17 percent let their children move back home because they were finding it hard to deal with a divorce or separation.

Of those parents who took in their adult children 27 percent had asked for pay towards bed and board costs, but 28 percent did not ask for anything in return.

If you are unable to cope financially, try using a prepaid cash card to help you budget your money so you can start saving towards your future.

“It is good to see that you can always depend on your parents in times of emotional and economic difficulty,” said Andrew Goodsell, Saga Group executive chairman, to the Telegraph.

Those unwilling or unable to contribute made up 15 percent of those young adults, with 17 percent living with their parents this way for over a year.

Prepaid Cash Cards

If you have had to move back in with your parents due to the recession a good way to get your finances back on track is to use a pre paid credit card.

This allows you to put a budgeted amount of money onto it as often as you like to use for your everyday spending requirements.

The card differs from a credit or debit card as it does not allow the user to spend more than is on the card as it has no overdraft facility.

The benefit of this is you can be sure you will not rack up debt from its use and it will prevent overspending.


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