Planning a Holiday Induces Significant Stress

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

British holiday makers find planning, booking and preparing for their holiday to be extremely stressful, a new study has revealed.

packing travelGetting ready to go away should be an exciting build up to a relaxing break, but for many there are concerns that range from the serious to the comical.

After the initial worries surrounding the location of a suitable destination that is affordable, which a quarter of Brits find a major cause of holiday stress, almost a fifth of women worry about packing enough pairs of knickers.

The study, conducted on behalf of travel comparison site, also revealed that young 18-25 year old females from the London area are those most likely to suffer ‘holiday stress’.

In fact, the adventurous and carefree image that younger travellers portray doesn’t complement the research, which found that nearly half admitted the entire process of taking a holiday really causes them stress.

In comparison, men over the age of 66 who live in the East of England are apparently the group most at ease with throwing a few things in a bag and getting on a plane to warmer climes.

UK MD of, Annie Wilson, said: “The amount of things that people stress about when preparing for a holiday is incredible. The anticipation of a break should be exciting and positive as you look forward to relaxing and recharging the batteries.”

The key stress factors for most people seem to lie in the holiday planning stages, but the study also revealed that making sure all of the essentials are packed was one of the other main worries for 13% of holidaymakers.

Travel documents topped the league table of items to double and triple check, but the right sort of clothes for the destination and medication also featured highly on the list of things not to forget.

As well as the aforementioned underwear-related concerns, packing enough pairs of shoes was also a top worry for almost a quarter of British women.

A good way to relieve stress on the run up to a holiday is to take care of your travel money in advance. This will also work out cheaper, since expensive airport rates can be avoided.


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