Half of parents would take kids out of school to save money on a holiday

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

It may be Valentine’s Day today but schoolchildren, teachers and families are looking ahead to Friday – the official start of the February half term.

2211skiThe winter half term: otherwise known as the great British ski migration. UK families will be taking to the snow en masse this weekend, making it the busiest – and most expensive – time to be hitting the slopes.

Airlines and resorts have hiked their prices in anticipation of the holiday rush, but some families are trying to slalom round the expense by taking their kids out of school early.

According to research by Direct Line travel insurance, more than half of parents (55%) are willing to take their children out of school to save money on their holidays.

The research showed that the amount of potential savings influenced parents’ decisions. Of those willing to take their children out of school during term time for a holiday, two-thirds of respondents would do so if it would guarantee them a saving of up to £500.

However, savings do not have to reach into the hundreds to encourage parents to act, with one in six saying they would take their kids on holiday during term-time if this could make them a saving of just £50.

Government guidelines state that schools should charge parents £50 for unauthorised absences such as holidays. However, almost half of parents (43%) admitted they don’t know what the policy is at their child’s school.

Half of parents (48%) with 14-18 year olds said they would even be willing to take their children out of school during the crucial GCSE and A-level years.

There are less extreme ways to reduce the overall cost of your holiday. By organising your travel money in advance, for example, you will avoid the expensive airport rates.


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