Organising the ultimate surprise Valentine’s Day break

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

With just over a week to go until Valentine’s Day, are you prepared? If you’ve not had time to think about what you want to do yet, why not book a surprise last minute getaway for you and your other half?

travel money cardsEveryone loves a surprise, but if you’re going to treat your loved one to such a trip you need to be organised about it!


The first thing to do is choose a holiday destination. You could go for the standard romantic weekend away – a tryst in Paris, par exemple – or delve back into the recent past and try to think of places they might have mentioned they want to visit.

If you’re struggling for ideas, ask around their friends to see whether they’ve got any ideas, and make sure they keep schtum.

Set a date

Choose a weekend when your partner has no plans, and cross your fingers that nothing crops up before you go!

Otherwise, keep their friends and family in the loop so they know not to call up and arrange days or evenings out.

Stay on budget

Remember to check out price comparison websites for everything, from flights to hotel. Research activities and restaurants before you go – TripAdvisor is generally a good shout – so that you know in advance where to go for the best deals. Buying your travel money in advance can also keep overall holiday costs to a low.

Plan ahead

Make sure you organise every little detail to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Researching the destination in advance gives you more time to relax and enjoy whilst you’re there, but there are plenty of things to organise before you even leave the house.

Make sure both of your passports are well in date (some countries have a strict six-month validity rule in place) and arrange child-care, pet-sitting or house-sitting if necessary.

Keeping the secret

You may just about be able to restrain yourself from blurting out everything in excitement, but have you minimised the risk of leaks elsewhere?

Make sure confirmation emails aren’t going to a joint address and that any calls from hotels or agents go to your mobile.


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