O2 Money Card Closing

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

o2 money card
O2 Money annouced this morning that is will be closing its cash card from the market and replacing it with something new due t to changing their banking partner. O2 Money will launch a new selection of prepaid cards later this year with no fixed date set.

The bad news for existing customers is that your O2 Money account will close on 20 October 2011. This is covered in your terms and conditions in clause 4.10. Any existing money on the card will be refunded to you in the form of a cheque once the account is closed.

After 20 October 2011 you won't be able to use your card again. So don't put any more money on your card. If you do, O2 will have to send it back to you by cheque when they close your account.

The good news is that O2 Money is getting a makeover. The new product will be crammed full of features that have been designed to work even better with your mobile. O2 will get in touch as soon as it's ready to go

O2 Money launched several prepaid cards to existing and new customers over 2 years ago, the o2 cash manager card and the o2 load and go cards became an instant success story taking the prepaid card market by storm and within a short space of time became the number 1 selling prepaid card.

But the O2 Money Cards had several flaws which were down to the amount of money you could load on to the card due to the banking partner and customer services came under fire as many people were directed to the o2 forum due to unanswered questions.

Alternatives are still available with many prepaid cards to choose from, check out our comparison table on the Top 10 prepaid cards to choose from


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