Noisy Guests and Dirty Linen: Hotel Guests’ Top Gripes

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

People who stay in hotels rank loud fellow guests and dirty linen as their biggest grievances when they choose their accommodation, a new survey reveals.

prepaid cards on holidayThe two top turn-offs are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to listing the things which annoy hotel guests, a survey of more than 2,000 British adults has shown.

According to the new poll by the Direct Line insurance company, dirty bed linen and bath towels are the worst offenders when it comes to people complaining about a hotel stay.

Other guests caused the next biggest concern, with drunken or excessively noisy activities beating the cliché classic of building work being carried out at or close to the hotel.

The Direct Line survey confirmed another cliché complaint that has long been the basis for many a stand up comic’s gag - namely the annoyance caused by fellow holidaymakers who lay claim to the best poolside sun loungers by planting their (presumably clean) towels on them as soon as the sun comes up.

As well as traditional moans, a host of new gripes was also mentioned in the survey. Excessive charges for use of hotel wi-fi systems shows how many holidaymakers like to access the internet while on their break, and problematic card entry systems were also mentioned as a high-tech holiday setback.

Perhaps the pickiest of all complaints concerns something that is only ever found in a hotel, namely the ‘loo roll triangle’. The strange custom of folding the end of a toilet tissue roll into a pointed triangle seems to annoy more people that it pleases.

Alex Polizzi, famous as TV’s ‘The Hotel Inspector’, has her own list of things that make for a bad hotel experience. In her top ten irritations she highlighted hotel staff who actively ask for a tip and those who interrupt mealtimes unnecessarily.

Poor lighting, unnecessary children's menus and bad coffee-making facilities were also amongst her bugbears, but a lack of cleanliness also featured high in her personal top ten.

Is the overall expense of a holiday a top personal gripe? If so, there are ways to keep costs down. Taking a prepaid card can help you stay on budget whilst overseas, avoiding any nasty shocks when you return.


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