New Prepaid Travel Money Cards from Virgin

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Virgin Money has added a new Euro and Dollar prepaid travel money card to their prepaid card range.

The two cards enable travellers to load their holiday money onto them in either Dollars or Euros to use abroad, commission free.

Customers who opt for a Virgin Money prepaid card will be issued a main card and a spare card in case of emergency - free of charge.

If the Dollar or Euro card is lost or stolen abroad the user can simply block the card and activate the spare one so they are never without cash.

“The Virgin Prepaid Cards are a safe, smart and convenient way to manage your money when travelling in Europe or the US,” said Scott Mowbray, Virgin Money spokesman.

“Pre-paid cards are a great money management tool as you can only spend the amount that is loaded on the card.”

Other benefits of using a Virgin travel money card is the ease with which cardholders can top them up and the variety of discounts available.

These include £20 credit for each Virgin Media cable service1, 10 percent off Virgin Pay as you go mobile phones, up to 20 percent off Virgin Experiences, 10 percent off Virgin Wines, 20 percent off Virgin Travel Insurance, £70 e-Gift Card when you take Virgin Life Insurance, and 30 percent off Virgin Books.

Virgin Prepaid Cards can be used wherever you see the Visa sign, they are free to purchase with no monthly fees and they are free to reload by debit card.

The range includes Pay as you go, Pay monthly, or the new Euro and Dollar cards which can be found online.

Prepaid Travel Money Cards

Using a travel money card abroad means you do not need to worry about changing traveller’s cheques, or carrying around a large sum of cash.

As travel money cards are protected from fraud by the chip and PIN capabilities, you are able to cancel a lost or stolen one, making it the safest way of carrying money abroad without racking up high interest every time you use the card like a debit or credit card would.


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