New Caxton FX Currency Card

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The Caxton FX currency card is a good way to bypass the fees of cash withdrawals abroad with customers switching to the prepaid card receiving £5 on opening.

This new deal is open until 1st December 2010 to all new Caxton FX card customers and is a good way to avoid unnecessary fees abroad for a winter break.

The card offers no overseas ATM fees, no extra transaction charges and competitive exchange rates making spending money go further.

Money can be preloaded onto the card in euros, dollars and sterling, and as they are a prepaid chip and PIN MasterCard they can be used anywhere there is a MasterCard Acceptance Mark either online, in store or at an ATM.

Furthermore the card is free to obtain making it a suitable alternative to travellers’ cheques or carrying a wad of cash around on your holiday.

What are the benefits?

Many travellers opt for a prepaid travel money card to ensure they not only get good exchange rates which do not change each time they use the card to purchase something abroad, but also for safety.

As it is protected by chip and PIN the card can be cancelled if you suspect fraud or report it as stolen, also for pick pockets it is not such an easy target as a huge sum of cash would be.

Furthermore, holiday makers find it a useful way to budget their holiday spending as the card does not let the user spend more than what was loaded onto it so there is no debt or bills to greet you on your return.

There are many different providers of prepaid travel money cards each offering different discounts and benefits as some charge for purchase of the card but will reimburse the user once the initial funds are loaded onto it.


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