Nearly 1,000 Festival Thefts Last Year

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Festival goers lost just under £190,000 worth of belongings last year to thieves at the top seven UK festivals, research reveals.

Many music fans will again be heading to a festival this summer, as research by Aviva revealed 46 percent of the population has at some point braved the mud.

A further 12 percent claim to have had belongings lost or stolen at outdoor events such as sporting fixtures.

There were around 945 incidents of theft at the top seven UK festivals last year, official crime statistics reveal, with thieves most likely to target tents.

There were 650 crimes from tents reported, and a further 295 instances of personal thefts such as pickpocketing, particularly occurring in crowded areas.

“Festivals are a brilliant staple of the summer calendar and it’s obviously a chance for people to enjoy their favourite bands in the sun (or rain!) with their friends,” said Jonathan Cracknell, Aviva household underwriter.

“But like any event with crowds of people all carrying pretty expensive gear there is a risk of crime and our research shows that it is definitely worth being as aware of security as you are of the line up of the day.”

Many festival-goers were shown to take expensive personal items to festivals such as smartphones, MP3 players and cameras, and Aviva calculated the average value of possessions people take to a festival amounts to £928, meaning this amount could easily be lost if they are not properly covered.

The most thefts that occurred from tents last year were reported at Glastonbury, with 230 reported and 22 personal thefts, amounting to a total value of £98,473.

The most personal thefts occurred however at Reading where 128 cases were reported. Latitude was shown to have seen the least number of thefts from tents (25) and personal thefts (2), with a £8,415 value lost here.

If you are heading to a festival this year, you may find it safer to leave your debit and credit cards at home and take a prepaid card instead. This means you can only spend the money you loaded onto the card and if it gets into the wrong hands, only that money is at risk and not the rest of your bank balance.


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