Motoring Costs Too Much for Cash-Strapped Brits

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The cost of motoring is too much for 29 million people in the UK, causing drivers to reduce the amount of time they spend on the road, research shows.

Almost two thirds of motorists say the cost of motoring is to blame for them using their cars less, with 46 percent using them for essential journeys only.

More than a fifth however are reducing the amount of time they use their cars due to environmental reasons, and 16 percent are seeking other transport alternatives to avoid traffic, Santander Credit Cards reveals.

However, those who are finding the cost of motoring too much are reluctant to swap to public transport as 25 percent say it is too expensive to use regularly and 32 percent admit they would be more tempted if it was more reliable.

“Our research clearly shows that motorists have reached their tipping point, and after years of fuel price hikes are using their cars less and less,” said Rob Holt, Santander Cards director.

“As public transport doesn’t currently appear to be an attractive alternative, many drivers are turning to their local communities and the internet instead.”

Local communities may receive a boost due to many motorists reducing the amount of time they spend in their cars, with 29 percent buying more from local shops and 12 percent going out for dinner and drinks nearer to where they live so they can easily walk.

A further one in four admit to doing more shopping online to prevent the need to use their car for these unessential journeys.

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