New Year’s Eve 2012: the most popular overseas destinations

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Was your New Year’s Eve a storming success or a bit of a letdown?

New Year’s EveIndependent travel agency polled 1,427 people after recording a high number of bookings for holidays that fell over the final day of the year.

When asked why they were opting to see in 2013 overseas rather than stay on home soil, over half (56%) said that New Year’s Eve was “always disappointing in the UK”.

Chris Clarkson, co-founder of, said: “I always think there’s a great amount of pressure to make sure you do something spectacular on New Year’s Eve, to see in the next year in style.

“However, this means it can often be disappointing, as you build something up just to wind up having a few pints in your local.”

Research from the agency has unveiled the top picks for Brits who travelled abroad over New Year’s Eve.

Cities renowned for their party culture, such as New York and Sydney, made it into the top ten, in addition to a number of other far-flung destinations.

Koh Phangan in Thailand swept into the charts at number two, second only to the Big Apple. Las Vegas took fifth place, followed by Sydney and Tokyo. Toronto and Rio de Janeiro, famed for its street parties, took ninth and tenth place respectively.

“Planning a holiday that falls on New Year’s Eve is a great idea and there are so many cities around the world that celebrate in unbeatable style,” continued Mr Clarkson.

He added that although Sydney, New York and Tokyo are “well known party-hotspots around New Year”, there are alternatives a bit closer to home.

Indeed, Paris earned itself third place and Barcelona came in at a respectable fourth. Venice also crept into the list at number eight.

The number of Brits opting for foreign climes over the UK at this time of year is seemingly on the up, with 72% of those polled saying they had never celebrated New Year’s Eve abroad before 2012.

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