MoneyVista helps Brits take control of their money

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The online service MoneyVista aims to help Brits to manage their finances better by setting and monitoring their goals.

“MoneyVista is a unique service for the 11 million financially active UK consumers who manage their own financial affairs. It aims to give these consumers a simple, safe and secure way to create, maintain and use a financial plan,” explained Martin Peterlechner, Head of Marketing at MoneyVista.

The main goals of this project include enabling consumers to see what their current financial position is and predict their projected financial future. These objectives will be achieved by setting and monitoring specific activities or movements.

It will try to educate their users financially and help them understand better the long-term impact of their financial decisions. Everyone who wishes to try MoneyVista could use its 30 day free trial offer.

Among its services, it includes a retirement plan that each user can tailor to their specific circumstances. It can also revalue investments, stocks and shares held, and it will alert consumers if there is a change that will impact their financial plan.

Financial planning

“For many of us, seeing our financial future can be a tough reality to face. However, by bringing your financial plan to life, and helping you to understand your options, MoneyVista can help consumers to develop and monitor a realistic plan to achieve their financial goals.”

The use British consumers make of their credit cards or the bank accounts they choose could make a big difference in their personal finances.

A good financial education will help Brits make the most of their money and take advantage of a number of financial products such as travel money cards or prepaid cards, which could help them to improve the health of their finances.


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