Money Worries Hit UK Holiday Hopes

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A new survey has revealed that the continuing economic crisis is hitting British families hard when it comes to holiday expectations.

prepaid cards on holidayResearch by Kleeneze has shown that 22% of UK families are likely to forego a family holiday because they need the money to pay for the everyday cost of living necessities.

Lisa Burke, sales director of Kleeneze, said of the survey: “It’s clear many families are having to work harder to balance the household finances – pay freezes, reduced hours and sadly redundancies are all having a significant effect.”

51% of families who said they had missed out on holidays claimed it caused disappointment and in one in ten cases it led to family arguments. Over a third of families said they had taken specific steps to avoid the situation arising.

The most popular solutions for making sure the funds were available for a holiday were to cut back on other non-essential forms of spending, which almost two thirds of people said they did.

59% of people said they worked extra hours or took on a part time job whilst 19% shared arrangements with other families in order to keep costs manageable.

Ms Burke commented: “Kleeneze distributors are self-employed and can work the hours they want. Often, the reason for joining is so they can continue to afford the lifestyle they had prior to these more austere times.”

Some parts of the country appear to be have been hit harder than others, with the research revealing that 33% of families in Northern Ireland were most likely to have missed out on a holiday, with the North West being next worst affected at 25%, closely followed by those in the East Midlands at 24%.

The most food for thought was the revelation that 17% of families admitted to paying for other treats to make up for the loss of a holiday, meaning that any perceived savings could actually be something of a false economy.

A prepaid card can ensure your finances stay safe on holiday, wherever you decide to head off to this summer.


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