Money-savvy Christmas travel advice

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Yesterday, Compare Prepaid brought you the top Christmas travel tips to keep stress to an absolute minimum.

Prepaid cards for holidaysAnother way to keep stress at bay is to stay on top of your finances over the festive period, even if you’re jetting off on holiday.

Being on holiday sees people taking a more relaxed approach to their finances. Our money worries back home melt away as we are distracted by the sights and sounds of a foreign country.

However, this can result in a graver case of the post-holiday blues than usual: returning to the UK to rain and diminished funds will quickly replace any remaining festive spirit with an arduous financial hangover.

Whether you’re heading for the slopes this Christmas or treating the family to some much-needed winter sun, remember to make the most of your money overseas!

Organisation is key

Before you’ve even arrived at your destination, there are things to take into consideration. Choosing to buy your travel money well in advance is a good way to avoid expensive airport rates and can keep overall holiday costs to a low.

Stay protected, whatever the weather

There’s nothing better than a white Christmas – unless you’re travelling. Snow may make the festive season that bit more magical, but it can also result in road closures or cancelled trains and planes.

Remember to plan ahead for such occurrences and ensure you have insurance in place that covers cancelled journeys.

Money-savvy Christmas shopping

The sales have made a welcome early arrival on British high streets, so Christmas shopping in the UK before jetting off abroad could be a thrifty way of approaching the festive gift shop.

However, it may be worth checking prices in your destination country in case it’s cheaper to buy overseas.

Keep luggage costs down

If you do decide to take UK-bought presents with you on holiday, remember to adjust the amount of clothes and other belongings you take accordingly.

This also applies on your return journey – you may be bringing gifts back with you, so it is vital to check airline restrictions before flying to ensure you don’t get caught out by excess baggage fees.


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