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Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Money Express prepaid card has been designed so that your money can be shared from card to card effortlessly using a new system called Money in Minutes facility, This enables people to share money with friends and family wherever they are, worldwide with a simple SMS message making a big step to the way we transfer money.

The Money Express Card are not bound by high street agents restrictions and high staffing costs so they can keep costs to a minimum, meaning that they charge just 2.5% for any card share transaction.

How much does this compare to other money transfer agents for example lets say to France

Money Express Card only £5.00 for £200.00

Western Union only £19.60 for £200.00

Plus you are not restricted to the amount of transactions per month based on the same example with Money Express Card you can share money as much as you want based on a daily limit of £2500, where as Western Union your available money transfer limit today is £ 599.99 per 30 Days which can limit your sending power. Another point to consider is either finding a branch local to you or getting access to the internet which may delay sending time with Money Express Card you can send money instantly by mobile making it extremely flexible to send and receive money by mobile phone.

Money Express Card application process is simple to use and No credit checks are perfomed plus most importantly the Money Express Card is free* to apply.

Money Express Cards don’t need a bank account to apply for and they are ideal for those people who find it difficult to gain access to the banking system, whether they be UK nationals or non UK residents who live and work within the UK.

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