Money for Christmas to Avoid Disappointment

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Due to the bad weather causing travel delays many Brits are considering sending money to loved ones to avoid disappointment on Christmas day.

The research by the Payments Council revealed eight million Brits are thinking about doing this if they are unable to travel to family and give them in person their presents.

Some retailers have brought their last day of deliveries to arrive before Christmas forward, with many who have ordered gifts online uncertain if they will arrive in time due to the arctic weather.

Previous research by the Council showed around 30 million people had planned on giving financial gifts this Christmas, with 16 percent now planning on doing so following the onset of bad weather.

If you are planning on giving your loved ones money for Christmas try loading it onto a prepay gift card – the new safe way of handing over money.

“It seems that rather than requesting treats and luxuries this Christmas many younger adults are just hoping to improve their finances,” said Sandra Quinn, Payments Council spokesperson.

“The bad weather we’ve got at the moment may well make that dream come true.”

Those aged 18-34 will be particularly pleased with this news as the majority said they would prefer a financial gift to help ease their money problems. A significant 40 percent said this compared to 37 percent who admitted they would prefer a surprise and 23 percent who would like something they asked for.

Prepay Gift Cards

Although prepay gift cards have to be handed to someone as a gift, if the person you are giving it to already has one you can load the card up with money via the internet.

A prepaid credit card is a good way for those who are struggling to stay afloat financially to budget their income.


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