Men reveal their top holiday worries

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Almost everyone is self-conscious about something - but when it comes to going on holiday, it seems that most men share a common anxiety.

Man on beach

A recent poll found 51% of British men reported that their beer belly gave them they most worry before they went on holiday. This beat other options, such as ‘leaving kids at home’ (with 36%) and ‘weather abroad’ (with 40%).

But rather than prompting them to improve their health before jetting off to exotic destinations, 53% of those surveyed admitted that they hadn’t made any actual effort to lose weight before their last holiday. And of those that did, one in three said their attempt at reducing their waistline ended in failure.

Other top worries included missing an important sporting event (48%) and not having enough money to relax while on the trip (43%).

Money issues aren’t surprising, especially as a new survey by Skyscanner has revealed that 40% of British holiday-makers overspent during their last trip abroad, with drinks and nights out taking a hefty chunk out of the budget.

It’s especially problematic when it comes to younger people, with 36% of 18-25 year olds reporting that they can often overspend by £200 a week while on trips abroad.

This has led to over a quarter of holiday-makers changing their budgets for their next break, ensuring that they take enough with them to avoid getting into difficulty.

If you can’t afford to increase your budget, take a prepaid travel money card with you on holiday to help you stick to a pre-determined budget.

But regardless, it seems that weight still dominates the minds of men – especially when hitting the pool or beach, as going shirtless was revealed to be a major point of anxiety.

It doesn’t help that holidays themselves can sometimes add to the problem, as alcoholic drinks and dinners out can come packed with calories.

However, holidays can also be an excellent opportunity to finally get into shape, with many seeing their trip as motivation for finally hitting the gym and changing their diet.


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