Major generational difference on travelling trends

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Today’s 18 to 24 year-olds have travelled three times as much as their grandparents - people from the Baby Boom generation – according to new research. The new study reveals great generational differences on travelling habits.

Interesting trends released by the Post Office Travel Insurance show that trends have changed considerably when it comes to travel.

While 77% of Baby Boomers had never left the UK before the age of 16; a total of 79% of those from Generation Y travelled abroad an average of four times before the same age.

The study estimates that three in five Brits under 16 who have been abroad have been on their first flight by the age of four.

The study also shows that over half of 45-54 year olds (53%) never travelled abroad as children and, of those that did, an overwhelming 94% never left Europe.

Overseas travelling

Although European countries are also the most common destinations for travellers from Generation Y, they have also gone as far as Africa (17%), North America (15%) and South/Central America (4%).

The study also makes the interesting assertion that package holidays – introduced in 1950 - made a big difference regarding the accessibility of travelling abroad. The advent of the Boeing 747 and charter flights in 1970 also made things easier for those willing to discover a world beyond Britain.

"Whilst their parents and grandparents weren't able to travel so freely, children today have the opportunity to experience different countries, cultures and ways of life for themselves,” said Sarah Munro, Head of Travel Insurance at Post Office.

Given the appreciable increase in travelling among younger generations, items such as travel money cards and travel insurance can make sure you are protected while enjoying yourself at the same time.


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