Kettles, the curtains – just two of the bizarre things stolen from hotels

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Relaxation, contentment and a desire to have fun are generally seen as the key symptoms of someone who has gone into ‘holiday mode’. But now there’s another symptom to add to the list – criminal tendencies.

travel cardsA whopping two thirds of British holidaymakers have admitted to stealing items from hotels, ranging from cutlery to curtains.

This is according to online discount website, which found that towels or linen were the items most commonly stolen (68%), followed by batteries and light bulbs (57%) and food and drink (51%).

45% of holidaymakers have slipped at least one piece of cutlery into their suitcases, while a third of daring travellers nabbed picture frames (36%) and artwork (32%).

A surprising proportion of holidaymakers managed to squeeze the curtains into their travel bags, and almost a fifth (19%) pilfered the kettle from their hotel room.

15% made off with books, while 7% stole the Bible – ironically flouting the eighth Commandment.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, said: “It’s quite surprising to see the amount people can steal from hotels. I can’t quite believe people steal curtains or even kettles from their rooms.”

The survey found that a quarter of respondents steal such items because they believed they had paid for the privilege, while a fifth wanted a cheap holiday souvenir for their home. A further 15% said that they needed something similar to the item they stole.

The poll showed that the third of participants who thought the hotel wouldn’t notice were correct in their assumptions, with 79% managing to get away with their misdeed.

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