Improve Your Credit Rating with the Freedom Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Improve Your Credit Rating with the Freedom Prepaid MasterCard, with the new free credit booster attached to your Freedom card account. Just apply for a Freedom card and pay the monthly subscription fee of £3.95 and every year White Eagle will pass on your payment history to the credit reference agencies. By using Credit Booster this could improve your credit rating by 40% meaning the difference of getting accepted or being refused when you apply for a credit facility.

If you have had problems with credit in the past, never had credit, been hit by CCJ's or you're new to the UK, 'Credit Booster' could help improve your credit rating. It is provided FREE to all Freedom Prepaid MasterCard cardholders:

How Credit Booster works:

• Just select the Monthly Fee package out of the 3 package choices on offer with the Freedom Prepaid MasterCard and pay the monthly fee of £3.95 for 12 months. We then pass on your payment history to the credit reference agencies.
• If you make all your monthly payments on time and you’ll have proved that you can manage credit responsible. Assuming you manage other credit responsibly your credit rating should improve.
Establish your credit profile.

Lenders like to see that you have successfully repaid debts in the past before they give you credit. If you are new to the UK, only 18 or have never had credit before, you may suffer from a ‘thin credit file’. Credit Booster is a proven way to add information to your credit profile and can show that you’re a reliable, creditworthy customer.

Improve your credit history.

If you’ve been refused credit or can only get credit with a high APR, you may be suffering from a low credit rating. The more loans you’ve successfully repaid, the better your credit rating’s likely to be. Credit Booster could add loan repayments to your credit history without costing you any extra. This could improve your chances of being approved for credit in the future.

Repair your credit history

If you’ve missed payments on credit cards or loans or have County Court Judgements, lenders could see your poor credit history and see you as a bad risk. Credit Booster can add successful loan repayments to your profile and that could improve your credit rating.

What’s more, on top of helping you to improve your credit rating, you’ll be able to use your Freedom Prepaid MasterCard to make purchases and withdrawals wherever the MasterCard Acceptance Marks are displayed at over 28 million retailers and 1.5 million ATM's worldwide, and enjoy all the other benefits that are on offer.

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