Holidays in summer come with higher prices

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

British families that choose to travel during the school summer holidays will enjoy the sun, but might also face premiums of up to 92% more than any other time of year. A recent study reveals that going on holiday during the summer is more expensive, specifically £790 more expensive than during term time.

An average family of four planning a trip abroad during the school break will pay an average of £790 (43%) more than if they travel between 12th and 19th September, shortly after the new school term starts.

According to new research from the Santander Credit Cards department, travelling during the school holidays can force holidaymakers to pay premiums of up to 92%, equivalent to £1,041 extra.

The study based those statistics on the average price of a week-long trip for two adults and two children to five popular holiday destinations - the Algarve, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Orlando and Chania in Crete.

The report also concludes that the final price depends on the departure and destination.

Those purchasing holiday packages with flights departing from London could face average premiums of 48% more. In contrast, families travelling from Manchester will pay slightly less, around 38% extra during the summer time.

Overspending in summer

Recent research also showed that four in ten Brits (40%) don’t budget for their summer break, an attitude that leaves them at risk of over spending.

While some people can justify this behaviour by saying that a summer holiday is their ‘one luxury’ for the year, others are already thinking of saving measures.

Considering the high cost that a summer holiday brings, 15% of people will try to save some money by spending less on in-flight and airport shopping and 12% plan to cut the length of their holiday.

Every little helps to save money. Travel money cards are also a good option to budget your expenses when abroad.


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