Holidays to Impress Friends Chosen By One in Four Britons

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Choosing a getaway destination can include lots of different factors, but it seems that for many British holidaymakers impressing their friends is high on the list of things that influences their decision.

holiday travelA study by MyVoucherCodes polled 1,193 people aged 18 across the UK, asking them what influenced their choice of holiday destination.

More than a quarter of Britons want their friends to be knocked out by their holiday destination and the majority admitted that they wanted their friends to feel envious about it too.

The poll revealed that a further 16% confessed that this made them feel better about themselves, although when asked if they thought their friends sometimes choose their holiday destination to impress them back, 23% agreed.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, commented: “I’m a bit surprised to see how much Britons pressure themselves when choosing their holiday destination.

“I guess within a group of friends there’s always going to be one who always have the nicest holidays of the group which can sometimes be frustrating when you can’t afford the same type of holidays."

The poll also revealed that nearly two thirds of British holidaymakers are planning on travelling abroad this year, and one in ten said that the destination they will choose had been recommended to them by friends or family.

Of the rest, 29% said that they wanted to visit somewhere new, whilst some chose their holiday destination because they had ‘always wanted’ to go there.

Other factors involved in the decision were more obvious, with five star resorts, great food and stunning landmarks all playing a prominent role.

In the current climate, getting as much as you can for the least possible money is quite a feat, and an achievement sure to impress your friends! Buying your travel moneyin advance is a good way to get the best deals and will help you avoid expensive airport rates.


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