Holidaymakers spend hundreds on their phone without realising

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Travellers are being warned that a £300 phone bill could be waiting for them on return from their holiday even if they don’t actually use it.

travel cardA consumer watchdog is alerting mobile phone owners of the dangers of taking their mobile phone abroad as many holidaymakers are accumulating massive bills abroad.

It has been revealed that holidaymakers could be forced to pay a phone bill of hundreds of pounds even if their mobile phone doesn’t leave their suitcase for the entire holiday.

Data roaming capacity is the cause of massive phone bills, with many holidaymakers unaware that if they leave it switched on they could have to pay a phone bill which could cost them a significant amount.

Leaving data roaming capacity switched on could cost holidaymakers £336 even if they do not use their phone at all.

Data roaming can be very expensive abroad because the mobile phone can run downloads and applications automatically.

Experts are expressing concern because so many mobile phone users do not know when they are using up data.

Many are urging phone companies to do more to ensure their customers are made aware of the additional costs involved.

New rules were introduced throughout the EU this month relating to mobile phones and data roaming.

These new rules limit charges for each MB downloaded. At present, the maximum is 68p per MB, but this will drop to 20p in the next two years.

However, should people travel outside of the EU, they will not be protected. The cost of using one MB of data outside the EU can range from network to network.

Some network providers offer ‘bolt-ons’ to customers, which help restrict the cost of data when the mobile phone is being used abroad.

With many consumers being stitched up by unnecessary charges on their mobile phone, holidaymakers should save effectively into a bank account to cover unexpected charges.

Equally, holidaymakers could use a travel card to make phone calls from a payphone in the country.


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