Holidaying Brits expected to go all out this year

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Collectively, Britons are to spend £36 billion on summer holidays this year despite the UK’s current economy.

23.6 million UK adults (49 percent) that are taking a holiday this year are making it a ‘major’ trip with a duration of at least a week.

The majority of holidaymakers tend to book their main trip three months prior to the holiday date. Therefore, those planning to organise a holiday in July and August will be booking it throughout the next month.

In the current weeks this means a possible six million people will be booking their summer holidays.

Due to increasing travel costs and less disposable income, one in four (24 percent) are expecting their holiday to be more costly. Booking a holiday has been classed as the big purchase for 2012 by UK adults.

On average, £923 will be spent per person on flights, accommodation and spending money. Most of this will be spent to cover the cost of overseas travel.

63 percent are choosing to holiday abroad at least once this year, whilst 28 percent will stay within the UK.

Julie Hay, Head of British Airways American Express Credit Cards at American Express, said: "Last year saw many people exercising frugality in the face of difficult economic conditions, but it is promising to see that this year we are likely to see a turnaround in that trend.

"One simple way to do this is to use a travel rewards credit card for your everyday spending. This means that, come holiday booking time, you can look forward to a number of extras including companion vouchers, upgrades and discounts to make your holiday even more special and affordable.

"In addition we are seeing a rise in the number of alternative and innovative ways of saving money while on holiday. For example, our research found that 47 per cent of UK adults have or would consider a ‘house swap' holiday."

Almost a quarter (22 percent) of holidays will be paid for with credit cards and three percent will use rewards points.

For your holiday this year, be sure to shop around for your credit card to ensure you receive the best rates.


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