EU holiday statistics produce interesting results

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, has released new figures on domestic and outbound holiday trips made by EU residents in 2010.

The results have thrown up some intriguing trends.

Amongst the findings, figures show that out of the total of one billion holiday trips which European residents made, more than three quarters were within the country of residence. Domestic holiday trips lasted between 1 to 3 nights on average, with outbound trips being longer - 4 nights or more.

Travel trends among EU travellers

A majority of 61% of all trips made from the UK were domestic - 41% short and 20% long stay - and 39% were abroad - with 6% short and 33% long stay.

Top European countries that preferred to take short holiday breaks within their own country in 2010 were Latvia (73% of all holiday trips), Finland (70%), Denmark (67%), Spain (65%), Bulgaria and Portugal (both 64%). Greece (47%), France (39%), Italy and Poland (both 35%) were the countries that had the highest share of long domestic trips.

On the other side, the countries where people travelled abroad the most in 2010 were Luxembourg (nearly 100% of all holiday trips), Belgium (76%), Slovenia (56%), the Netherlands (53%) and Austria (50%).

The financial crisis may have influenced the travel decisions of EU residents significantly, particularly regarding overseas destinations. Countries where the recession is at its most prevalent, such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, accounted for the highest share of trips people made within their own country.

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