Holiday Plans End Early For Third of Brits

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A third of hopeful British holidaymakers never get further than the planning stages for their getaway, a new survey has revealed.

compare cardsBritons who would like to go on an overseas getaway often never get as far as making a booking for various reasons, with financial problems being the most common cause.

According to a new poll by, other reasons for holiday plans never amounting to anything include not being able to get the time off work and having difficulty deciding on a final destination.

The online travel agency’s survey asked people to think about the holidays that they had either booked or planned to book in the last three years. The ‘planning’ aspect was deemed to include anything from early research stages right up to immediately before the actual booking.

One in every three people asked admitted that their holiday plans never came to fruition.

Co-founder of Chris Clarkson commented: “It’s sad to think that as many as one in three holidays never actually come to be. It’s often easy to get carried away planning a holiday without checking certain things, like if you can get time off work or, indeed, if you have enough money to be spending on a trip in the first place.”

Holiday plans remained a distant dream for 7% of the people who entered into the survey, for reasons including being put off visiting somewhere because of bad reviews through to disagreeing with potential co-travellers on where to stay.

The fact that many people end up not going through with holiday plans due to financial constraints at least means that they are not getting into debt in order to have a break.

“It seems that many take the sensible approach and if they know they haven’t got the funds to be jetting off into the sunset, they stay put for a while,” Mr Clarkson added.

Jetting off abroad doesn’t necessarily have to put you out of pocket. Loading a prepaid card with a specific amount of currency before you go helps you to stay on budget and prevent overspending.


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