Holiday ‘rip offs’ cost Brits hundreds in baggage allowance fees

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The age-old trick of only taking hand luggage on board a flight to avoid high fees might become even more popular as baggage fees are set to rise dramatically.

Budget airline Ryanair has announced plans to charge travellers even more should holidaymakers want to check in bags. It now costs holidaymakers up to a staggering £80 per bag for a return journey.

compare travel cardsThe charges are £10 higher than last summer’s fees and approximately £20 more during the summer than other times of the year. To make matters worse these are the charges you pay in advance online, not at the departure gate.

Should travellers check the baggage in at the airport, they face fees of between £200 and £260 per bag on a return flight.

The reason why these sky-high fees, which are more than double last year’s, are implemented in the summer is because baggage-handling costs are higher.

There could be an argument that a number of families take longer breaks and need larger luggage during the same period. They would still have to pay the higher fees in this scenario.

Ryanair suggests that the fees are avoidable if using hand luggage only. The airline claims that only 30% of passengers check in a bag, however, that’s the equivalent of over 22 million people.

In a bid to win over passengers, one of Ryanair’s chief competitors Flybe has scrapped debit card charges on all bookings. Flybe has also created a new ticket called New Economy, which includes a 20kg baggage allowance and advance seat selection.

Simon Tilley, Flybe’s Director of Marketing commented: “For a small majority of consumers there is growing resentment to airlines’ add-on fees. They don’t like the fact that the price they see advertised is not the price they end up paying.”

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