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Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Half term travel is always expensive, but new research shows that the average family holiday is nearly £2,000 more expensive during half term.

Find out how prepaid travel money cards can help plan for your holiday.

Research from Santander Cards has shown that if you are looking to go on holiday this half term you would be looking at paying £1,831 more than if you were to go on holiday during school term.

The figure is a massive 69 per cent increase in costs for those planning a family getaway to popular destinations such as Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Florida, Sharm el Sheikh, and Crete.

The findings reveal that for the week commencing 23rd October - when most schools close - the cost of a family holiday can jump by up to 135 per cent, compared to the week after, when most schools reopen.

Families wishing to travel to Lanzarote from London Gatwick face some of the biggest price hikes, with a family of four paying £4,022.00 to stay during half term week compared to just £1,710.00 the week after.

That makes it £2,312.00 more expensive than during term time and equates to a premium of 135 per cent.

The lowest premium can be found on autumn breaks to Chania, Crete. Families flying from Manchester will only pay a mere £7.00 more to holiday during the half term break rather than during term time.

Keeping Down the Cost of Travel

Anyone going on holiday this half term or winter should think about getting a travel money card if they want to save money on currency and charges while away.

There are great new cards on the market now that are easy to buy and top-up, leaving you in complete control of exactly how much you are spending. You also typically get far better rates for your travel cash from prepaid travel money cards compared to most foreign exchange bureaus, plus you do not have to pay traditional foreign charges associated with using credit and debit cards abroad either such as withdrawal fees and purchasing fees.


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