Half of Britons Want to Live Somewhere Else

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The weather is bad, the economy is in trouble and even the people aren’t that friendly. These are some of the main reasons why almost half of Britons would like to leave the country and live somewhere else, according to a new poll.

Prepaid cards on holidayThe new research by www.GlobalVisas.com has shown that 48% of the population in the UK would like to emigrate, with the weather being given as the biggest reason.

The poll asked 1,587 adults living in the UK what the attractions of moving abroad permanently would be and found that as well as the search for a better climate, the chance of having a better career and a more laid back lifestyle also featured highly.

Gary Smith of www.GlobalVisas.com said: “With the winter we’ve just had, and in some ways are still having, it’s no surprise that ‘better weather’ came out on top of the list of reasons why people would want to leave the UK in favour of a location abroad.”

The idea that people were friendlier overseas was cited by 48% as a reason for emigrating, and 44% thought living cost would be lower if they made the move.

The research revealed that Australia is the most popular destination, closely followed by the US and New Zealand. The countries all have English as the official language which is obviously a major part of the appeal.

“Australia being the favourite place is again unsurprising, as the country is renowned for its sunshine, laid back lifestyle and friendly people. The thought of sunning yourself on Bondi beach after a day in the office is understandably appealing!” Mr Smith added.

Although such a large proportion of the population thinking a move abroad would be preferable to where they live now, it doesn’t look likely that the country will suffer a mass exodus anytime soon, as only 5% of the total respondents said they thought they’d actually take the steps to leave the UK in the future.

Emigrating to get away from the gloomy British weather is a drastic step, but going on holiday can have an equally positive effect. Just remember to take a prepaid card to avoid a financial blow which could impact on your good mood.


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