Grandparents are part of the family holiday

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

It looks like the traditional British holiday is more generationally-inclusive than many might have suspected, with a quarter of grandparents reporting that they’ve been on trips away with their grandchildren within the last three years.


The news comes as Saga Travel Insurance publishes its findings into family holiday-making, hoping to discover where older relatives fit into the picture when it comes to travelling.

What’s even more surprising is that two fifths of grandparents who have been on holidays with their grandchildren have paid for the entire holiday – and with the average family holiday now costing £1,964, that’s quite a tidy sum.

There are plenty of reasons why these figures might be the way they are. Although many people will obviously enjoy the company of their older family on trips, grandparents often double as babysitters during holidays – giving parents time away from the kids.

And with the price of holidays always on the increase, perhaps parents can’t be blamed for using grandparents as a free childcare service. This is especially true when older relatives can occasionally be extremely generous – 1 in 14 grandparents have spent over £5,000 on a luxury holiday for their family.

Whoever pays for the holiday, remember to pack a prepaid card to help you stick to a pre-determined budget and ease the financial burden on your return.

It seems that free time is a major factor when grandparents consider whether they will join their grandchildren on holiday, as those that are retired are twice as likely to go on holiday as those who are working.

“I think it's fantastic that many generations are choosing to holiday together - there are so many benefits,” said Roger Ramsden, chief executive, Saga Services.

“Everyone gets the chance to relax and the adults can take it in turns going down the water slides with the kids or sloping off for some sangria and adult company. These days, people are so busy that getting everyone together can be almost impossible, so getting the chance to go away together and create memories might be just what every family needs."


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