Gift Cards Over Unwanted Presents

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Nearly half a billion pounds will have been wasted this Christmas on unwanted presents a recent survey reveals.

Brits are being urged to put money on a gift card and let their family and friends choose their own present rather than waste buying something they will not like.

If you are considering giving cash to a family member or friend this year try loading it on to a prepaid money card.

The survey showed mother-in-laws give the worst presents and 63 percent of the UK adults last year admitted they received an unwanted present, Gocompare showed.

The estimated amount a giver had spent on an average present was over £11, amounting to a total £38 million worth of waste.

“The thought of nearly half a billion pounds being wasted on these gifts and £38 million worth ending up in landfill each year is criminal,” said John Miles, Gocompare business development director.

A further 48 percent even admitted they begrudged what they had spent on a present once they had seen what they had received in return.

Toiletries, cheap perfume and aftershave were at the top of the unwanted present list, with 25 percent claiming they kept them as emergency gifts for others.

Men and women were shown to get the gift just right in general, apart from in Scotland where men were the worst for choosing their other half a gift.

Worst of all, three percent of respondents said they had received a present they had given that person the year earlier.

Prepaid Money Cards

Of those who received an unwanted gift, 13 percent wished the person had foregone the surprise and just asked them what they wanted, and 27 percent admitted they would have preferred a gift car or voucher.

Loading money onto a pre pay card UK will mean the money you hand over will not be lost among that person’s daily expenditure, but put aside to spend on something they desire.


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