Gap between traditional and low-cost airlines narrows as easyJet flights could cost passengers up to £24 extra

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A new allocated seating system launched by easyJet is set to stop scrambles at the gates – but could add an extra £24 to your overall holiday.

Prepaid cards for holidaysThe system sees people paying extra to choose where they sit before boarding the flight.

Those who are booked into a long haul flight and fancy a bit of extra leg room will have to dig an extra £12 out from their pockets.

The same charge applies to passengers who would prefer to sit along the front row of the aircraft.

The first few rows behind the front are priced at £8 and any allocated seats elsewhere in the plane will add an extra £3 to the overall flight cost.

Even though this will add to the overall holiday bill, the scheme is likely to attract families and groups who want to sit together as they travel to their holiday destination.

EasyJet conducted research when they put the allocated seating system to the test this summer, which found that a whopping 70% of passengers on trial routes thought the setup was an improvement on the airline’s current system.

The research also showed that around 60% of those surveyed said that the new system had made them more likely to use easyJet in the future.

Allocated seating will stop the scramble at the gates, where people jostle against each other in a bid to get to the front – meaning they are in a better position to race to find a row or block of seats together.

Passengers who decide not to pay to select their seat will receive their seat number when they check in at the airport or online.

However, the new system could cost travellers an extra £24 for a return flight, should they opt for front row seats or extra leg room to make their journey more comfortable.

The move comes as bad news budget-conscious flyers, as the extra cost will continue to bridge the gap between traditional and low-cost airlines.

If you plan to spend extra money on allocated seating, you may be thinking about keeping costs down once you have arrived at your destination. A prepaid card can help with this – money has to be loaded on beforehand so they prevent overspending.


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