Gambling debts built up on company card

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A trainee accountant has admitted to using a company credit card to rack up gambling debts of nearly £9,000 (£8,800).

Umar Qureshi built up the debts between October and November 2008, whilst working for Deloitte. He used a company credit card and laptop to visit gambling sites, where he lost the money.

He pleaded guilty to misleading his employers at a tribunal. He had previously told them that the credit card transactions were fraudulent.

This situation could have been avoided had the company used prepaid credit cards, rather than regular ones with high limits.

With a prepaid card, Deloitte could have deposited a set amount for Mr Qureshi to use. Once all that was spent, he would have been unable to spend any more on the gambling sites.


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