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Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Prepaid cards are a great idea to budget your expenses within your capacity. Some of them even have free application fees, so why not try them out?

In tough economic times, prepaid cards are a good idea if you want to pay by card but don’t want to overspend beyond your financial limits.

Since prepaid credit card companies are looking at new ways to increase their product exposure, different free fee prepaid credit cards accounts are now available in the UK.

Prepaid cards are pre-loaded with your own money and allow you to make purchases only within your budget. That is why these cards are so helpful in trying to avoid overspending and getting into debt, you can’t shop if there is not enough credit on the card! It is as simple as that!

The following prepaid cards have free applications as an extra incentive;

Cashplus Active Prepaid Card

Your Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard carries a monthly subscription fee and you are free to make as many transactions as you like, without charge. It is also free to top up your prepaid card. Besides, you are able to choose from several different cards on offer, including: Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go Card, Pay Annually, Deluxe, Business and Euro.

Other details: Transaction Fees: None; Monthly fees or Charges: £4.95; ATM Charges: £0.99; Top Up Fees: FREE to £2.00.

Card One Banking Account

This card gives you a guaranteed bank account, no credit checks and hassle free transfer of direct debits. Further benefits include online banking, guaranteed acceptance, mobile and telephone banking, no bank account required, instant approval, the possibility of setting up standing orders and direct debits and a cash back programme.

Other details: Transaction Fees: None; Monthly fees or Charges: £12.50; ATM Charges: £0.50; Top Up Fees: FREE to £2.00.


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