Five Hours Sleep For Most Holidaymakers

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Although many people would say that the idea of going on holiday is to relax and take things easy, it seems that a good night’s sleep isn’t something that is high on most travellers’ agenda.

A recent poll by an online UK travel agency has revealed that the average holidaymaker only gets around five hours sleep a night whilst abroad. The majority claimed that this was because they were attempting to ‘get the most from the holiday’.

The poll, carried out by, asked more than 1500 UK adults who had taken a foreign holiday in the last year about their sleeping patterns whilst away.

With eight hours sleep per night being the recommended amount generally accepted for a healthy lifestyle, the results show that many holidaymakers are too intent on packing as much as possible into their schedule to worry about not getting enough sleep.

Co-founder of, Chris Clarkson, said: “Whilst in some ways holidays are supposed to be about resting, we often find that once we’re abroad and officially ‘on holiday’ we live a little differently and want to prolong our trip away as much as we can.”

28% of those that took part in the survey said they wanted to get the most out of their time away and this resulted in less hours spent asleep. A further 22% said they woke up early in order to secure a sun lounger by the poolside or a good position on the beach.

Hours spent partying and taking full advantage of the night life on offer accounted for 17% of holidaymakers’ lack of sleep, and 12% simply found it too hot to sleep through the night.

Perhaps the real answer to the lack of sleep is the fact that 57% of respondents said they took a nap during the day either in their accommodation or while sunbathing.

Holidaymakers might be skimping on their sleep but be careful not to do the same with your finances. A prepaid card can keep tabs on the ‘holiday mode’ that can lead to overspending, and keep you on budget whilst overseas.


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