First Premier Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

First Premier Prepaid MasterCard
First Premier have relaunched their Prepaid MasterCard to offer a more competitive offer for consumers

The First Premier Prepaid MasterCard offers a modern way to manage your money with the security features you'd expect from a MasterCard card. The First Premier MasterCard looks just like a standard credit or debit card, so as long as you have enough cash on the card you’re ready to start using your card to pay for goods or services online or on the high street. From cinema tickets to restaurant bills, from groceries to flights.

Prepaid cards look just like debit or credit cards, but they are actually very different. They work like pay-as-you-go mobile phones where you need to top them up before you can use them what you’ve loaded in the first place. So, each time you use the card to purchase something or withdraw cash at an ATM, the amount is deducted from the available balance. When it runs low on cash, it will need to be topped up again.

You can load your card in a number of ways such as Online using an existing debit/credit card, at your local Post Office or PayPoint terminal often found in your local shop or for an easy way by having your wages transferred by standing order

On Application
Primary Card Issue Fee* £8.95 includes purchase and activation
Additional card fee £4.50 includes purchase and activation
Usage restrictions
Limits £10.00 Minimum load amount

£500.00 Maximum single load for PayPoint, Post Office

£500.00 Maximum load via debit or credit card

£500.00 Maximum load via BACS/wage transfer

£3,500.00 Maximum card balance

Ongoing Features
Transaction Fees FREE for purchase transactions made in the UK
Cross-currency fee: 2% of transaction amount where the transaction is performed in a different currency to that of the card

Cash Withdrawal Fees £1.00 per ATM withdrawals in the UK and abroad
Balance Enquiry FREE online
Top-up fees £0.70 via post office
£0.75 instore

3% via PayPoint

0% via debit card

3% via credit card

Availability of funds Paypoint - funds available immediately
Online - funds available within a few hours

Post Office - funds available within 1 working day

BACS, Wage Transfer - funds available within 3 working days

Service fees £1.00 monthly management fee
FREE replacement PIN

Card to card moneyshare £0.25
Replacement card fees £3.99 per card to replace a lost, stolen, damaged or expired card
Lost and Stolen Helpline call it a FREE phone 0800 0835284
Customer Services Telephone Enquiries FREE email enquiries
Calls are charged at your standard network rate

Administration Fee £10.00 per disputed transaction (this may be refunded in certain circumstances)
Cancellation or Redemption £5.00 cash-out fee (cancellation & return or funds)
You must have more than £5.00 remaining on the card to redeem the balance

Expiry Card valid for 18 months


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