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Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

FairFX Anywhere Card is a New Currency Card by Fair FX

FairFX has announced a new currency card with zero loading fees, zero ATM fees and zero exchange rate fees. This new currency card is called FairFX Anywhere card. This is a FairFX MasterCard which can be used as travel money card. FairFX Anywhere Card helps travelers save a considerable amount of money as all the normal charges that they will incur are not charged with this card. FairFX currency cards have been one of the most trusted FX names in the UK and their new addition to their reliable line of products make them all the more popular.

FairFX Anywhere Card can be used anywhere and it can be used in any currency. As a MasterCard, FairFX Anywhere Card will be accepted by all vendors that display the MasterCard symbol. This card gives total freedom to the users that subscribe to it. FairFX Anywhere Card is a prepaid card whose basic currency is Pounds Sterling. However, as a travel money card it can be used with any currency and the funds will be converted to the respective currency when customers pay their bills at the point of sale. One of the greatest advantages of FairFX Anywhere Card does not mark up the underlying MasterCard rate. Customers therefore get the best exchange rates possible. This card costs £9.95 for initial loads under £500. When customers make use of this card a nominal fee of 1.5% charge is levied every time this card is swiped. Whether this card is used in the UK or in any other country or even on the internet, there will be no additional charges or ATM fee.

With all these benefits no wonder FairFX Anywhere Card is one of the top prepaid cards. The features and benefits of this card top all the other travel money cards in the market. It is very easy to use FairFX Anywhere Card users can load their card online or through a simple SMS service using their UK debit or credit card. It is also possible to load the card using bank transfer. As a MasterCard it is globally accepted and it is hard to see a store that accepts credit cards refuse MasterCard. FairFX Anywhere Card comes with highest level of security with chip and pin protection.

FairFX currency card is a highly reputed brand name in the prepaid cards industry and as such they try to retain their hard earned reputation by offering highly reliable services to date. They do not levy any hidden charges on their customers so there are no surprises or shocks while using FairFX Anywhere Card. Customer support with FairFX Anywhere Card is top-notch and it is very easy to access their customer support they are just a phone call away to address all their customers’ queries and concerns.

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