FairFX wins Best Prepaid Card Award

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

FairFX Anywhere Travel Money Card Wins Best Prepaid Card Award

Last night, the FairFX Anywhere Travel Money Card won the best prepaid card award in the non-gift programme category at the Prepaid Awards.

The FairFX Anywhere Card is a sterling denominated currency card, designed as the name suggests to be used anywhere in the world.

Stephen Heath, FairFX.com Chief Executive explained why the FairFX Anywhere Card is the best option for travellers: “We wanted to offer a card that was outstanding value, no matter where you used it in the world.

“Many of our competitors’ cards have outrageous out-of-currency use fees, meaning that if you use their card in another country which uses a different currency, you’ll be clobbered with charges as high as 5.75% of the transaction value.

In addition, as Heath explained you can also save money with a FairFX Anywhere card before you travel: “As far as we know the FairFX Anywhere Card is also the cheapest card for customers to use when they book flights on Ryanair.”


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