Most Expensive Airport Taxi Fares Revealed

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The fastest way to get the last leg of a journey out of the way is usually to grab a cab from the taxi rank outside an airport and get straight to your hotel.

prepaid cardsSadly, it can come as a bit of a shock when the meter stops running and it’s time to pay the fare.

Moneycorp, a currency exchange company, has carried out research aimed at ranking the cheapest and the most expensive post-flight cab journeys in the world and has some surprising results.

In Europe, the research found that the most expensive taxi ride from the airport to a city centre was from Oslo Gardermoen airport, with a typical journey costing around £73.

This stands in sharp contrast to the cheapest European airport transfer by taxi, which came in at only £2.17 for the trip from Sofia airport in Bulgaria to the city centre.

Bucharest in Romania and Istanbul were the next most affordable at £4.79 and £6.01 respectively.

Destinations popular with British tourists also featured on the list, with Barcelona’s 8 mile trip to the city centre likely to set you back just over £25 and the 14 mile trip from Charles de Gaulle airport to the centre of Paris costing around £38.

Further afield, Delhi’s Indira Ghandi International taxis provided the cheapest, costing just £2.69 for the 10-mile journey into the middle of the action, while a ride from Thailand’s Suvernabhumi airport to Bangkok central, a trip of 18-miles, costs £5.63.

The most expensive turned out to be taking a taxi from Tokyo’s Narita Airport, the main international airport serving the Japanese capital, where you could expect to pay out almost £200, not including a tip.

The 41-mile journey isn’t actually the most expensive by distance though, with a cab ride into the centre of Copenhagen costing an average of £34.08 for a five-mile post flight trip.

The study looked at overseas airports only. If Heathrow were included it would have been fifth most expensive with a 15-mile journey costing an average of around £57.

Keep holiday costs to a minimum by ensuring transfers are included in your booking (if cost-effective) and by taking prepaid cards to stay on budget for the week.


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