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Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

New research shows European holidays are better value this year than long haul trips as Sterling gains against the Euro.

According to the Post Office, UK tourist travelling long haul face paying more this year in countries traditionally regarded as cheap destinations such as Thailand and Malaysia.

This fifth annual Holiday Money Report also showed the Sterling has gained against the Euro meaning resorts in Europe have come down in price, with Portugal rated as the best value as prices drop by 49 percent.

Prices in Spain were recorded as being at a record three year low.

Latin America also showed signs of increasing in popularity after a year of heavy sale increases in the Brazilian real and Mexican new peso areas.

“We know UK tourists are on the lookout for value holidays,” said Sarah Munro, Post Office head of Travel Money.

“The combination of competitively-priced packages and low costs on the ground for meals and drinks make Mexican resorts a best buy at the moment.”

The Thai baht has strengthened by 11.4 percent and the Malaysian ringgit by 12.8 percent in the last year. The cheapest long haul destination is Sri Lanka.

Egypt, where the sterling has strengthened by 0.5 percent, is expected to be hotspot for tourists this year although resort prices have risen by 32 percent.

Compare Travel Cards Online

If you are currently planning your annual holiday and are trying to keep costs down, opting for a European holiday may make your money go further as the study showed.

A good way to carry your money abroad is with a travel prepaid card, this can be used in restaurants, shops and online to book excursions and even to obtain cash from an ATM.

Charges for using the card abroad depend on the card you opt for, however these are usually small and the user does not get charged the rate of conversion from Sterling to Euro every time they use the card.

The holidaymaker can take advantage of a low rate and load a certain amount of Euros bought at this rate onto the card.


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