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Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

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Listed above are euro prepaid foreign exchange cards available under your search. Just click on the more information button to get further details about the euro prepaid travel card.

What is a Euro Foreign Currency Debit Card?

They are preloaded with euro foreign currency before you travel so you know how much you have to spend abroad, all offer No euro transaction charges when using in the same money. You get more for your money than traveller's cheques.

Why get a Euro Cash Cards?

By getting a euro currency card you get a better exchange rate. On average 8% better than exchanging at Airports - 4% Better than Traveller's Cheques and 5% better than Bureau De Change.

When traveling abroad everybody wants to secure cash. Using prepaid visa card is a feasible option and helps travel without cash. By using a travel currency card or prepaid visa card you can control spending and also keep an eye on the overall amount you spent.

Benefits of Prepaid Euro Cards:

  • BACS or top up through debit card is free
  • No monthly charges
  • Zero purchasing fees
  • Card is available in US Dollars and Euro
  • No point of sale transaction
  • Available in MasterCard - Maestro and Visa
  • Reloadable currency card

Prepaid Euro Cards

Euro Prepaid travel cards are the best way to keep your money absolutely safe and secure while you are holidaying or traveling in some distant country. Instead of carrying cash, which can get lost anytime and also with cash you need to constantly exchange currency in order to make any purchases. So, get away from all this hassles and get a prepaid travel card that is accepted globally anywhere, anytime. Some Euro prepaid travel cards come with rewards that are offered with them. So, choose a card that will maximize your traveling experience.

Euro Prepaid cards look similar to any other debit or credit card and give you the same power to make purchases anywhere around the world. But prepaid currency cards come with a major difference. The difference is that you can spend only as much the amount that is loaded in your card. That means that you cannot spend more than the balance that is available in your account to which your prepaid currency card is attached with. So, there is absolute no chance of you running into debt, for prepaid currency cards have no credit or overdraft facilities.

Know About Euro Prepaid Currency Card And Its Benefits

Once you have issued the Euro card, you will be provided with an exclusive Pin number, which you need to verify before making any purchase or withdrawing money from ATMs. This means that even if you lose your card accidentally, your money is absolutely safe and it is not going to get used up by someone else

Euro currency can be reloaded into your card via bank transfer or post office, or using other avenues. You need to check with your bank authorities on what are the ways of reloading money into your card.

And the best part is that there are no credit checks done while issuing of prepaid currency cards. So, you need not be worried about your credit history before bidding for a prepaid currency card. Add to that, these cards are best when it comes to managing your finances and budget, for you get a detailed list of where, when and how your money has been spent. So, there's no question of overspending actually.
Euro Prepaid travel cards are best for students going on a trip, for their parents can load money from home whenever there's a need of money. Not only for students, but Euro prepaid cards are the best alternative to traveler's cheques and you can get a better rate of exchange as well.

Some other prepaid currency cards include STA prepaid card, Tesco's prepaid mastercard currency card and Marks and Spencers prepaid currency card. You can compare all the prepaid currency cards available and select the best among them when you exchange money simply by checking online for our currency cards comparison pages


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