Escape Travel Money Card for ski fanatics

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Any Brits thinking about taking a ski trip this winter will be able to make the most of their break with the latest Escape Travel Money Card.

Travel money cards are always a good idea to make sure that holiday money is stretched that little bit further.

The Escape Travel Money is a pre-paid MasterCard from Phones4u. Whether you go to the ski resorts of Europe or North America, this travel money card is available in both in Euros and Dollars and can be used free of charge in over 32 million MasterCard accepted locations worldwide.

Users can also withdraw cash for free from most foreign ATMs, avoiding bank fees usually associated with using traditional debit and credit cards abroad, as well as benefiting from a competitive exchange rate on foreign currency that consistently beats the high street.

This version has an added security as the card can be blocked if it’s lost or stolen and is a safe alternative to carrying cash.

Free ATM

Travel money cards are a good idea when you are travelling abroad and want to make the most of your money. They normally offer better conditions than other cards such as having free ATM charges when carrying out cash withdrawals abroad.

Recent research stated that up to £1bn is ripped-off from British bank accounts every time customers use their card when they are abroad. As an example, Consumer Focus said that a Briton taking £200 out of a foreign cash machine with a debit card can be charged about £10.

Comparing travel money cards is a good way of reducing these extra fees as much as possible. The following brands have a system which means that ATM withdrawals abroad are free with their cards.

My Travel Cash Multi Currency Card

Travelex Cash Passport Dollar Card

Cashplus Euro Travel Money Card


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