Energy Price Hikes Continue to Worry Consumers

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) have become the third major energy provider to announce considerable increases to their gas and electric prices over the past few weeks.

The announcement that the price of standard gas will increase by 18% with electricity prices by up by 11% comes shortly after British Gas announced similar changes to their own energy costs.

According to Energy Channel Manager of, Scott Byrom, the increases could impact “5.2million electricity and 3.6million gas customers respectively” with the price hike amounting to an average increase of £171 to an annual household energy bill.

Byrom stated that this increase could see the “typical dual fuel bill costing £1,265” for the years energy usage and recommended that users now need to “switch to the best fixed priced energy tariff”.

He advised consumers to take into consideration their usage level and the area in which they live in order to ensure they obtain the best possible deal.

According to providers SSE the changes, which come into effect as of September 14th, will not increase again until August 2012 at the earliest. This at least provides some short-term re-assurance to concerned customers.

With half of the six ‘big’ energy providers having already made substantial increases to their energy prices it is only natural to assume that the others will do the same. These previous price hikes have already caused an increase in the number of people facing fuel poverty and mean that this latest announcement will only exasperate the situation further.

This will add yet more concerns to the already financially-troubled minds of the British public, with the expected changes resulting in a potential increase in the number of people struggling to budget their monthly incomes to accommodate their increased outgoings.

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