Phones 4 U launches New Educational Prepaid Card Videos

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Phones 4 U's have launched a selection of educational videos on prepaid cards to increase the awareness and understanding on what prepaid cards can be used for and the benefits they hold. Over the past year we have seen an increase within the prepaid card market of well known house brands supplying a branded card to their consumers.

Phones 4 U were the first telecoms company to jump on the band wagon and provide two cards, the Escape prepaid card which is aimed at the over 18's market which is £9.99 to get online offers consumers flexability with no monthly fees or transaction charges. Plus allowing people to top up their pay as you go mobiles by using the card in less than 60 seconds and get rewarded for it.

Also at the same time they launched the Neon prepaid card which is an under 18's card, Phones 4 U teamed up with MasterCard to launch the the Neon MasterCard which is the first under 18's MasterCard on the market.

Phones 4 U are looking to use the card long term to offer their customers special offers and rewards through their card program allowing customers to benefit from offers when they use their Neon prepaid card or Escape prepaid card.

With the recent launch of the o2 prepaid card it will only be a matter of time before more telecoms companies launch their own branded prepaid card with rumours of Orange and T Mobile considering to offer this to their consumers.

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